Ali Sefünç


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Bilkent News Interactive - Gülay Acar  29/05/2007

The last book I read here is about Turkey. My limited understanding of politics and economics has increased; I hate the things that I don't understand, and this has been the case since the day I was born. But a book has changed this concept. In Herşey Dahil Türkiye (in English it is something like, Turkey, Including Everything), the author gives information about the past in Turkey, with his funny memories in a genius way. I should have written a separate column about that book, but we have no time. However, before graduating, I am happy that I have enough knowledge about the economy in the 1970s and 80s and political issues, which are sensitive topics to talk about, even now. The author Ali Sefünç has inspired me to write about a serious thing in a funny and genius way in the future.